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Our Programme

We deliver expert, professional coaching courses at elite venues specifically tailored to help young players reach their playing potential across Our Four Key Areas of Football Development:


The Syllabus

Chris Cummins. Photo: Jack HardyThese areas of development will be the foundation of the work delivered within the syllabus, which has been tried and tested at Professional Academy level.

The syllabus will challenge the players to work technically, physically and socially in a team environment, giving them life skill learning, respect for others and the game, and the ability to take personal responsibility.

The players will be developed and tested in a creative and positive environment with age-specific practices – at a pace they can handle.

At full courses, top quality Adidas training and playing kits will be provided for the players to keep.

Our syllabus is built around the ‘Areas of Play’ – Goalkeeping, Defending, Midfield play, Attacking and importantly Game Understanding.

The courses include:

  • Technical and Tactical football education
  • Physiological football-specific development including fitness levels
  • Practices to develop awareness, confidence and self-belief
  • Mental challenges to learn how to play and cope with pressure
  • Team situations and learning how to respect and work with others
  • Themes to find full enjoyment and fun in development
  • Supporting information including Diet and Nutrition and advice on the right off field activities and behaviour

Areas of Play in detail

Each of these main areas of play will be broken down into a detailed structure so that players have the opportunity to build their knowledge and understanding of the game whilst working and improving their technical ability and athleticism.

Goalkeeper coaching (in partnership with our friends at 15-17s Harrow Autumn 2010. Photo: Jack HardyGK Icon), will include technically detailed work to assist in their decision making and physical and psychological work to handle the demands and pressure Goalkeepers face.

Defending understanding will be built over the duration of the course and provide building blocks for the boys to understand:
– Defending individually in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 situations
– Defending as a team in balance
– Defending as a team out of balance
– Defending when outnumbered by the opposition

Attacking will cover movement with and without the ball and how to recognise and use space, and involve technical practices of forward passing, crossing and finishing.

Game Understanding will cover transition of the ball between the teams and how to respond to the continuing changes of the ball between teams, as an individual and in a team shape.

Games – The players will have a chance to build on their practice learning in small sided games and a coached 11-a-side game.

Assessment & Feedback

To conclude the course, each attendee will receive:

  • Written assessment based on position-specific criteria and feedback on performance, ability and attitude
  • Honest advice for next step
  • An opportunity to show their abilities in games to watching scouts and coaches
  • Continuing advice and mentoring where possible

Beyond the Course…

Harrow, Autumn 2010. Photo: Jack Hardy

We will be open to discussion and to help the players and parents understand just what is required to play at a senior level.

For those that show good signs of potential development and the right attitude to work hard, we will recommend them to opportunities in the professional and semi professional game, and into further sports scholarships in this country and abroad.

Join us on the journey; you never know where it may take you!